Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Letter

Hola mi familia!
Well i am now in my 4th day. It is definitely a challenge, but i am loving it. My District is awesome. I love them. We are really small. Only 8 of us but we are so close and pretty much do everythng together. We have one of the 2 missionarys all the way from England with us. He is great. We hit it off so good. We like the same things and have the same sense of humor. We laugh with each other all the time. My companion is cool. We like the same things and is pretty chill. We are getting a long for right now, so i hope we can stay that way. I love our Spanish teachers they are awesome. One is actually from Harmony Park, Brother Romney. He knows Whitney and Chad. Brother Bailey is our other one. He is so funny. Ill admit he is a little strange but i like him a lot. The first time i met them they would not speak English to us, only Spanish. It was so hard to understand what they were saying so they would use hand gestures. Learning the language is ridiculously hard. Like drinking water from a fire hose, Thats what everyone says. But I am getting more and more each day. I can now bear my testimony and pray in Spanish. Its not perfect but i work on it a lot. We already had to teach an invesigator that didnt know any English... It was aweful. We didnt know what to say and we were having trouble understanding him. Like a train wreck. But we will get to teach him everyday for the rest of the week. We are already planning to do better. The MTC is so hard and towards the end of the day i get home sick and am so tired. They work us to death. But i pray and pray and pray, atleast once an hour to be happy and learn the language and to want to be here. It makes me feel better and i know you are praying for me so i know i can do it. I do love being here. I cant wait to get to DC. Its gonna be so amazing. I feel like ive been here so long and days blend together. I cant wait till ne missionarys get here and make me feel better. I cant wait to here back from you. PEOPLE go to and write me! Letters help me get through the week! Itd be much appreciated. Hope all is well.

Yo soy gradecideo por mi famila.
Yo amo
Elder Julander

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