Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dead Man Walking

Things are tough. haha
This week has still been a little slow.
We are trying to find people but no luck. Even Facebook is hard for us to find.
We are trying to keep up the faith. 
Not to mention im going home soon so, not going to lie, it is really hard. 
Im trying to stay focused. Its just a little stressful and i got some anxiety, but im doin good. 
I had an interview with President and he really helped me out and gave me great advice. 
Just things i need to do before i go. 
I told him about my thought to join the military. He told me that if i ever do then to give him a call and he would hook me up! How great is that! :)
Dont really know what to say.
Things are great and im so happy to be in this ward again. 
We already have some going away dinners set up! Im stoked. 
Last time i was here when my trainer left, we had 5 meals in 1 day! Its gonna be sweet.
Conference is going to be so great! I hope you all already have thought of some questions to think about during conference. I know they will be answered!
This is the best time of the year for missionaries. The whole day we are just relaxing and spiritually filled. I love it.
I love you all. See you soon.

3 weeker

Well as things come to a close im not sure what to say.
Its been pretty slow around here actually.
We did save a guys life this week. So our investigator has been going through a rough time. We went over and he was just broken... Super sad. We dont really know why but he was just saying that his life wasnt worth it. Its too hard, its not worth it, he has nothing here. Very upsetting
We were not expecting that at all. But we prayed super hard and tried to keep the spirit there and control the situation as much as possible. It was a tough lesson. Ive never been in that situation before. But the Spirit help us out a lot and we were able to calm him down and help him to see the good and brightside of trials...
But other then that our area is going pretty slow. We are trying to find but people just dont want to talk to us. Its heartbreaking really.
Ive got 3 weeks left... Dont really know what to think.
I talked to President about it yesterday. He gave me some great advice and help. I love him.
But other then that just a normal week.
If your thinking of sending me anything for my birthday, please hold off. I dont want to add more weight to my bagss. haha I have so much crap already...
I love being a missionary. I dont want it to end.


What the heck.
So things are great. Facebook is whack! Its so weird to be on facebook but its such a blessing.
This passed week ive been able to talk to a friend from home and a youth in my last area. Theyve had a few questions and ive been able to answer them. Its so amazing! Its just weird seeing everyone. haha. But it can for sure be abused so always gotta be careful...
And guess what? We went to the Nats game on friday night! haha. It was so sweet. We went for a reason, but i dont really know why. haha. But it was some great publicity. It was so much fun! We got home pretty late. Not gonna say how late but just know it was late...
The other day had the great opportunity to visit a family that i had helped reactivate. They are so amazing! There is such a strong Spirit in their home now. This past month they went through the temple! How amazing right? My joy is full.
They are so much happier and close. Its so awesome. The Gospel can fix any problem.
So its been pretty normal around here. Just the same old work. Trying to work hard and stay focused. Time is comin quick! Things are good though. Im good.
I sure do love this work. Its true.

Tacos De Lengua

Good things.
I love this area. Its so cool to be back. Im so grateful. I had a great warm homecoming from the ward. It was so nice. I sure do love it here.
Things are going great for us in this area. Its on fire. So hopefully ill be able to keep things the same.
We got some pretty solid investigators who are ready for baptism but just got a few things that they need to overcome.
Had some great food this passed week. Its good having good relationships with the members you just ask and they give!
I had my favorite dinner the other day. Tongue Tacos! Seriosuly they are so good. It was my comps first time. He loved it.
The ward is great. Its actually changed a bunch. A lot of new faces and some that should be here but arent... :(
I trying hard to work and not get trunky. haha. Im not too bad. Im doing a lot better then i thought i would be.
So Alexa didnt get baptized...:( Her dad wants her to wait even though she explained baptism and why she wants to do it perfectly. Hes a punk but i keep praying in every single prayer to soften his heart. She'll get baptized soon. I just know it. I miss her a lot.
Well i love this work. I love being a missionary. I dont want it to end.
Thanks for the prayers.
Much Love


Cant believe this week!
This has been a great week.
Sunday i had the opportunity to bless Carinas baby! It was amazing! I was so nervous. My first time holding a baby in 22 months! I got permission from Pres. dont worry. :)
But it was so cool. It was very different but such a spiritual moment. Im so grateful i had that chance.
Shes so great. I know her son is meant for some pretty amazing things.
This Monday we had a ward picnic with another ward. It was awesome! So man people went. There was such good food there! And we got to play soccer which was a lot of fun. I even scored a goal! haha. And it was nice cuz i got to say goodbye and take pictures with everyone.
So sadly i had to leave. It was actually really tough. I had a ton of great relationships in that ward.
Alexa is set for this sunday! Just need to talk with her dad. Her mom said she would. So we have faith that its going to happen. Shes so ready and wnats to so bad!
And by some miracle i have ended up in Silver Spring again! Im in the area where i started my mission! Im so excited. At the end of this transfer ill have a grand total of 10 1/2 months in this ward! im so blessed. Thats what happened when you have friend in high places! Two of the assistants have been companions with me before. Im so excited. Its going to be the best 6 weeks ever! Cant believe its ending so fast!
I love you all.

Cup song

What a sweet week!
So unfortuneatly Alexa didnt come to church this sunday so we had to push her date back.
And Her dad still seems ify about the whole thing. So we are going to fast for her and him this weekend.
Her dates been moved to the 8th of September! Shes so ready and wants it bad!
And we found some awesome people this week.
Antonio we just talked to in the streets and he is so legit! Hes so prepared and loved the Restoration.
Hes only been here for 3 months and he told us we were the first peoiple that he actually had a conversation with. Sad or what...
But shes so cool. Hes has a huge doubt about all the churches. He thiunks there should be only one. THERE IS ONLY ONE! haha
So i loved the temple today! It was incredible. The video is so great! It makes me want to go back and watch it like weekly! So bomb.
Also this week Alexa taught us the Cup Song. Its so sweet! I pracited for like 2 days straight and now im a pro at it! Gotta love it.
And get this we found another lost less-active! In the same neighborhood as when we found Karen back in March. Its so crazy how many members there really are out there. Her name is Argentina! Shes from Honduras. Super nice but so busy!
Things have been going super well. We are having a lot more success now.
I had a great idea the other day. Revelation. So weve decided to do a Zone wide fast. The whole zone is going to fast for atleast 1 person in every area. We want some miracles! Theres 33 of us so we know its possible!
Carina asked me on Sunday to bless her baby! I was so excited and grateful that she would ask me. Im so stoked! Its gonna be sweet.
Well this is my last week in this area. Im not too excited. Ive made some great relationships in this ward. Its gonna be a hard one to leave. And i honestly have no idea where im going to go for my last transfer... So im not too happy about that. But im just super grateful ive had this much time in this ward.
Ive spent more then half my mission in 2 wards! Silver Spring for 9 months and now G2 for 6 months. By far the best wards! Ive been so lucky!
Thank you so much for everything
Love you

Cute Little Hispanic Girls

Things are so great!
So Synthia is coming back to church strong! And as of right now we still have permission from her husband to baptize Alexa.
And Alexa is sooooo cute! (I have yet to see an ugly little Hispanic girl) I love her!
Shes knows actually quite a bit which is great and shes really easy to teach and accepts everything! She wants to get baptized really bad so the 1st of September is her date.
Cant wait to see her in the water!
So last friday we had another carfast! Yay... 
It was actually nice this time. Wasnt hot at all.
We were able to talk to a lot of people. 
And we didnt die so it was pretty successful.
We had this awesome miracle the other day!
So the English elders were talking to this Spanish guy and out of no where we showed up! The Spirit seriously guides us on that one cuz we had no idea where to go. 
And we went by last night and taught him. 
Hes so legit! So prepared and has a lot of great ideas about religion that are actually true!
Hes so sweet. We are excited to teach him.
Today we had our zone activity. I had to go out with a bang.
So we did The 2013 Seneca Party. (Like Mario Party)
It was a lot of fun. And no one got hurt!
And a cool thing that happened was me and this sista tied the bake-off contest!
My cookies are the best! 
I love you all so much. Thank you for everything you do.
I love this mission!