Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here We Go

Man what a week it has been. This has been an amazing transfer!

We have been blessed with so much success. I'm so grateful. 
We keep getting referrals from other missionaries and we've been getting a lot of cool investigators. 
Blanca is doing alright. She tells us all the time about how she prayed to know which church was true and then the next day ran into us. But she says shes already been baptized so we are gonna have to teach her the Apostasy again... 
Nuris we were unfortunately not able to meet with her. She has a lot going on in her life that I really cant say, but she wants to learn and she wants to know mare. Shes a great girl and has pure intent to change! I really wanna help her she deserves a better life. 
But the best was that we had a ward talent show on Saturday. We invited everyone we knew but no one really confirmed. So we hoped that at least one investigator or less active would show up... At the end of the night we had 5 less actives and 5 investigators show up! We had no idea what to do! It was incredible. We were scrambling around to find time for everyone! It was a sweet problem to have. The talent show was a success. So many people came! They all loved it. And it was also a culture night so everyone bought food from their country! It was so good!!!!!!!!!! It really was like central and south america in the church. Im so lucky to be here! I love being a missionary! Its the best.
Still workin on my Spanish. Its a slow process but its coming along...
This saturday we have the great blessing the hear from an Apostle! Quintin L Cook! We are having a special mission conference. Just us. So thatll put my total up to 4 apostles whom I've heard speak. Such an amazing experience.
Much Love

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