Monday, November 21, 2011

District Leader

This week has been so busy! Its unbelievable how much can happen in a week. So I became District Leader on Sunday. I gratefully accepted this calling. And i love it. It is so much fun to me. I like to help my district in anyway i can. And everyone in the district and zone likes me in this position. Its seriously is awesome. But lets see... We had two amazing devotionals Sunday and Tuesday night. Sunday was on the importance of Tithing. I never new how essential it is for the church and it strengthened me testimony on that subject. On Tuesday we had one by Tad R. Callister, it opened my eyes so much. It was about the Apostasy and what an amazing talking. He told us the importance of The Apostasy and how it had to happen for the Restoration to happen. How the are intertwined. And some things i had never thought about before. Like why did the Bible just end? Answer: Because the apostles died. He also told us how perfectly everything fell into place. Like Christopher Columbus sailing to America. He showed us a passage from his journal and it said, ``The Holy Spirit unlocked the things of what i should do.''(That might be a little wrong cuz its from memory.) And also in Joseph Smiths moms journal she said that one day Joseph stepped outside and a bullet flew by him and the next day they found it on the inside of a dead cow. His mom said this in a journal, ``We knew not who is was or what the reason for´´ So amazing how the Lord made everything happen perfectly He just released a book called The Apostasy. (i think thats what its called.) I cant wait to read it. So check him out when you get the chance. Alright so lemme just tell you a little more about the MTC. Every devotional we sing either We'll Bring The World His Truth or Called To Serve. Our district has like little bets to see who can guess which one it will be. And it never fails to sing one of those two songs. They get old pretty quick but we sing anyways. And everyday we sing like 4 hymns in Español, they are so much more beautiful songs than English. No joke. We try to sing Christmas songs as much as possible. They are so sweet. So buy a Christmas Español Hymnal album and blast it through the house. Angels We Have Heard On High is the best. I got to see Whitney on Wednesday. We just happened to run into each other and she brought me some DP! It was a great coincidence. It was good to see her. I am so grateful for all the people that have written me. Its a true blessing to receive mail. It makes my day so much better. So one of the Elders in my district found an awesome chapter about the Bible and The BoM. 2Nephi 29. Read the whole chapter. It is hilarious. It pretty much talks about people who think that they only need a Bible and the Lord straight up calls them fools. Its just like a slap to the face chapter. It testifys so strong of the truthfullness of the BoM. Its an amazingly powerful chapter but also funny. I can now recite the First Vision from memory. So here it goes. Vi una columna de luz, mas brilliante que el sol. Directamente arriba de mi cabeza, y esta luz gradualmente descendio hasta descansar sobre mi... Al reporsar sobre mi la luz. Vi en el aire arriba de mi a dos Personajes, cuyo fulgor y gloria no admiten descripcion. Uno de ellos me hablo llamandome por me nombre y dijo. Señalando al otro: "Este es mi Hijo, Amado: Escuchalo!"

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