Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This week was awesome! (Arizona won which i was totally shocked by!) I love being here. Sunday is always good. I love having sacrament withme zone. We are so close and are like super diverse kids but its so much fun. Had a nice temple walk. They put up a nativity scene. Its pretty gorgeous. The weather is so weird in Utah! One day itll be freezing and then the next not even cold. It snowed ealier this week i think and everyone was so excited. One Elder in my zone is straight from tonga and he had never seen snow before so he was like scared of it. But then loved it. I wish Provo would just stay one temperature. Its ridiculous. my zone goes outside for gym whenever we can. One day it was so cold but we saw that the gym was open so we had to go! Everyone was in sweats and jackets but after about five minutes of playing we were all in Ts and Shorts. Me and my companion have gotten so much better at teaching our investigators. Our lessons are awesome and its like almost easyt now that we know how to prepare and how to actually do it. So Tuesday night we had a devotional and guess who it was... D. Todd Christofferson! Yeah it was so dope. Everyone had like this all one huge gasp when he walked in. he gave an amazingly powerful talk. The Spirit was so strong with him. I could just tell by his countenance that he truely is a witness of Jesus Christ. He said a couple things that really stood out to me. He said God loves you as if you are his only Child. he really knows us. Also he said: "on your mission you should feel indebt to the Lord, but when you get home dont make the mistake of feeling like you have made ammence. If anything you should feel even more indebt for all the blessings and help He gave you on your mission." And at the end he said he felt he should bless us. This is what he said. Its not word for word but its super close, he spoke fast: "Any hardship, trial, tribulation that you experience on your mission will be swallowed up in the joy of Christ. These trials and hardships will soon be, to you, as nothing. Dont be afraid to yeild your heart unto God. Make your desires His desires. Bind with him. He does not as much." It was so sweet. it was like dead silent in there. I am so grateful for that opportunity to hear an apostle speak.
Thanksgiving was so sick! It was one of the most memorable Thanksgivings. We had an early morning devotional. The announcement said it was going to be President Brown, so no one was really excited. But then we all got faked out! Russell M. Nelson walked in! We were all shocked we got two apostles in one week. Again another amazing gift from the Lord. He gave an amazing talk about giving thanks and having gratitude to the Lord and following what the Lord says and not the manner of men. One thing he said that hit me was: "Imagine all the people who hate you and despise you, dressed in white, ready to be baptized." It was awesome. He also talked about how one day he was studying and he began to think of the heart. And the number one rule back in the day for doctors was do not even touch the heart. But he kept getting drawn to it. He knew it was the Lord Showing him and telling him what to do. So what happened? He followed what the Lord said and not after the manner of men. So he became one of the first people to successfull give a heart transplant. (I think) He was internationally known as one of the top heart surgeons in the world but then he got another calling from the Lord. He was called to be a general athourity. So he followed what God said and not after the manner of men and gave it all up for the Lord. Poeple called him crazy and couldnt believe he would give it aslll up in the peak of his career. He has been truely blessed. He said he loved being a doctor but the Lord was more important and he has never touched another surgeon tool ever again. Healso shopwed us this song called "Alleuia" by the men of the mormon tabernacle choir. Its such a powerful song. Its only one word the entire song but its so good. He is another witness of Christ. Such powerful testmonys these to men had. I hope mine will be as strong as them someday. So after the devotional, we ate our Thanksgiving feast with everyone in the MTC. Totally sweet. Then we had a little one hour service project, making emergency kits for the people of Sudan. We made 8000 all together for the Humanitarians. Then we had a little devtional about thanksgiving and where it comes from because some people here it was their first one. So it was so funny. Sister Brown made this little skit with Elders and sisters dressing up and acting out the first Thanksgiving. It was so funny. We all sang songs and had a great time. Then to finish the day off we watched a movie. 17 Miracles. Yep you guessed it i was cryin again. I love that film. The Spirirt was so strong. This week went by so fast. And ill be in DC in about 4 weeks. My date got moved up to the 19th i dont know if this is for sure yet but ill find out soon. Im super stoked to go. I cant wait!

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