Friday, November 11, 2011

Wild Man

Well can you all believe that tomorrow will be the end of my fourth week here?! Its amazing to me to think how long ive been here. I have grown a lot this past 4 weeks. The Spirit is still stronger than ever. I am growing close with my zone. they are the bomb .com. The 3 missionarys going to the Dominican Republic left thursday morning at 3 in the a.m. It was so sad to see my new really close friend leave, but it is for the best.

I had my first fast Sunday! It was actually a really good day. We had a missionary conferece which is just like a regular 2 hour conference. Then had sacrament. I passed the sacrament for the first time. It was sweet. We had a our last temple walk as a district and i thought Whitney was going to show up but still she was a no show. We took some pretty gay pictures in the leaves, theyre pretty funny. Then we had another devotional that night. It was good. I remember one thing said "93% of the worlds population think it is essential to live in a country and worship how you please, but 70% of the worlds countrys have high restrictions on religion." So we need to pray for countries to open. Also he said that only 3% of missionarys come home for any reason and only 1% of the ones that come home return to the field. He also told of this 17 year old who was surfing the net one day and came across one of the mormon messages. He watch it and got interested. He went and bought a white shirt and tie and went to the closest church. He laster became baptized and lives is in the priest quorum. The messages are working. After the devotional we had a farewell for all the missionarys who were leaving the next few days. It was awesome. The Spirit was so strong. They passed some stuff down from like district to district, theyve been doing it for a while so it was cool to see all the traditions we have. But one Elder really said something that made me think. He brought up the talk "We Are His Hands" and it just made me remember that I am Christ Hands. So i had this so sick picture idea. Youll know what picture it is when I send my SD card home. But i cant tell you and spoil the surprise. Monday was just a regular day. Had a good time in class with the best teacher ever, Hermano Bailey. He is so dope. Hes so funny and out going and i like him a lot. Tuesday was a good day. We had TRC which is where we teach members who speak Espanol just a quick lesson. It is a really good experience and it helps a lot. We had one old guy who couldnt stay awake and then we had another old guy who couldnt stop talking, it was great. That night we had a fireside about the blessings of missionary work to the family and missionary. One thing he said was "Your families are better now then when you were there." Its just kind of a funny thing cuz hes right. Families are blessed because of our service and Christ promised us He will protect our family so we dont need to worry. It was a good fireside but still no one from the 12. The day before I got here Richard G. Scott spoke so im waiting for another apostle to come! after the fireside me and Wilkinson got our hair cut from a fellow missionary in our district. We are suppossed to cut each others hair but there is like only one good barber here. But he was a hair cutter for the missionarys in Tonga so he has a lot of experience but he just doesnt speak much English. But hes a funny kid. I just told him to do what he think will look good on me. And i have to say it looks awesome. I love it. Its like really short on the bottom then fades to the top and my hair on top is a bit longer than my sides. Its hard to explain youll just have to see it. And he only used clippers. So it was really relaxing and i honestly coulda fallen asleep. He also used a box cutter to trim my sides and neck. it was a little sketchy but it was cool how he did it. Wednesday was a good last day with the DRs. Just pretty much a normal day. We played soccer with them for one last time and i score a GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! We always try to get outside as much as possible and soccer is so much fun with my whole zone. Then that night we just had a little party and they used all the money left on their card to by a ton of food for us from the vending machines. It was sweet. Thursday was actually a good day. I had been praying all week that I wouldnt be sad when they left and Padre Celestial answered me. I felt so blessed. I pretty much just emerced myself in the scriptures. Which is another miracle because Ive always have had a hard time studying and reading the scriptures. So i know someone prayed for me to be able to studay and focus. I told Hermano Bailey i was struggling so i know he prayed for me and im sure my family and friends are as well. And i am so grateful. But there is one thing he said that made me get really interested. He told me the story of Enoch and how he was scared to serve his mission. It was an amazing story how God blessed him with the spirit and his speech. If you have read it in a while i urge you to look it up. I read like the whole book of Moses yesterday. I love reading the scriptures. But if you dont wanna read the whole thing just read Moses 6:27-39; 7:10-13,26-27,62. These are amazing scriptures about missionary work and i thought about all the missionarys all over the world when i read them. I will become a "Wild Man". I am in good hands.
Mucho Amo, Elder Julander

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