Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello everyone! This week has gone by so fast its insane. We have been doing a lot of teaching and finding. We have been working really closely with Cristina considering her baptism is this Sunday! We know that she is so ready but she is really scared/nervous. We are trying so hard to convince her it is the right thing to do and that it will bless her family so much. Also we are working alot with her daughter. Shes such a punk. 16 year old girl with no goals in her life. Shes not in school and doesn't even know what she wants to do with her life. We teach her alot about choices and life and how it needs to be founded on Christ to not fall. But she just doesn't want to do anything. Shes so lazy. But slowly shes coming around. We got her to come to a family home evening and hopefully tonight for mutual. Also there is this one boy in the ward who wants us to baptize his girlfriend and she is legit! She loves the idea of living together with her family. We watched this New movie in the Visitor Center about eternal families. Its so freaking good! I brings the Spirit so strong and makes people cry! So go check it out. Its amazing. And its only 11 minutes long. Perfect. we committed her to the 18th of March but the rate she is going and understanding it could be this Sunday but probably next Sunday. Shes for sure getting baptized though.
Of course i am still eating a ton. The ward is awesome and I'm so blessed to be in it. They are so great. Ive actually gained some weight believe it or not. Like 4 pounds. haha. So not that much but its a start. Probably all muscle from biking so much! ;)
Sunday was stake conference and it was so cool. It was a broadcast just for like the East coast. Richard G Scott spoke and Bishop Burton some others. Cristina loved Elder Scott's talk. It was about women and families and pornography. It was so good. My Spanish is getting better i can start to understand people. They gotta speak slow but for the most part i can understand. Its sweet!
My companion almost died last night. We were going really fast down this hill and i was behind him and it was our right to cross so we did and then this truck turned left and like literally 5 inches from hitting him. So crazy. Then earlier in the week we found this creepy house/mansion. Its hidden behind some houses in the Forest and theres a long driveway and a big fence and its chained up from the outside. So its really creepy. we wanted to go in there but it said no trespasssing so we couldn't. Bummer.
There weather here is awesome. Its like 74ish and so hot that we don't have to wear jackets unless inside of a house. Crazy right? I bet AZ is colder then it is here. Its for sure a blessing. haha. I am not complaining. But i do have a bad sore throat. How lame right?
Well i love it here! So much fun. Everything is going so well. Thank you for all your love and support. Really i cant do it with out yall. Love some letter! Mucho Amor

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