Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Okay well this has been another fast week. Crazy how fast things go when all i do is work work work. There is no satisfaction. haha. Well I'm not gonna lie our area has been doing very good. Ours district is lighting up the number chart. We have been doing so much work with the daughter of Cristina. And it has been paying of so much. She is finally opening up to us and talking to us. It takes so long to get her to talk but she talks. We found out her doubts. She trusts me a lot more then my other companion so she will tell me things but not him so its kinda an awkward situation to teach her but we make it work with staying in the boundaries of our rules! Don't worry. We got her to church! And she actually liked it for the most part. Miracle. Seriously. But unfortunately Cristina didn't get baptized... It was really sad. She doesn't feel ready even though we know she is. So we go over to there house every day and keep contact with them to help them out. i love them so much and i wanna see them be happy and i know this can really be a blessing for her family.
Another crazy thing is we talked to this lady and her granddaughter and they said we could drop by. We did and at the end of the lesson committed them to a baptismal date! They seem really cool and somewhat solid. But the mom of the granddaughter doesn't like us so that is a huge problem. But we will keep working with her and praying!
The ward is so great. My companion is going home and so the ward is like wanting us to come over and eat. So we have so many meals planned this week. Some multiple times a day. This week is gonna be awesome!
Also i cut two peoples hair this week! I actually did pretty good. I got the blending really nice and trimming looked good. Charity would be so proud of me!
The weather has been crazy. It started off so hot I couldn't even wear my jacket when i was riding and wore shot sleeves! Then one day had a big storm got soaked. And now its back to being cold at night. its ridiculous. This weather is so weird. but I've been grateful for the warmth. I hate the cold.
But things are going so good. I'm loving it. Even though I'm on a bike and ill be on bike for a while, i am loving it. So much fun. And good news i can finally understand people. Just speaking is the problem... haha. But hopefully it'll come soon.
Well thank you so much for every ones prayers. I'm coming up on my half birthday and sixth month mark! That's so insane! So i would love to see my mail box with letters! Please! Love you all so much. Te quiero.

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