Thursday, February 23, 2012

one down......

Yes it happened! I got my first baptism! Miracle actually. The day before his baptism he text us and said he wasn't ready. My comp was like so what do we do. And i said we go over right now. We did. And I was so nervous but i prayed so much for help and i just talked and talked and we layed down everything for him. All the blessings and how its gonna help out his family and the Spirit did some speaking and he decided to get baptized! So sick. He is now a strong member. The youth in the ward love him. He hit it off with all of them so well. He is incredible.
It has been a good week. Just been keeping really busy actually. Doing a lot of teaching and also finding. Its gotten easier for me to talk to people so thats good but its still difficult. Also had the great opportunity to teach the Law of Chasity to two 16 year old girls this week, Super awkward. But it was hilarious. They said they would live it so that was very good...
Been very blessed to have had a lot of dinner appointments. Had Pupusas for the first time. They are amazing! Now i see what all the hype is about. Im doing very well. Got to go to the Zoo the past two wednesdays! Its so awesome. Its free and so nice. I made friends with The Greater Rhea. They love me and i got some good pictures with them. Also got two feet away from a peacock and it started modeling for us. So cool. And today we had a zone activity to see which team can get the funniest picture with an animal. We won of course! You know i cant lose a challenge. haha.
But i am loving it here. So awesome. Ran into this drunk dude and he told us he fell in love with a memeber of the church but then she moved away and he almost attacked me cuz he said i looked like her brother. Kinda scary but really funny. So i apparently have another sister somewhere in the East Coast.
Sorry this is so short my diztrict is waitng on me... haha.
Well love you all so much and i wanna hear from you so write me! Ill be waiting. :)

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