Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last weeks letter...... Sorry

This has been a really good week!
Thursday night played some intense soccer with the ward and we got a lot of nonmembers to come. So we were talking to people like crazy trying to get appointments. We got a couple people that want to hear so thats goood. Also you know me, I did work! I even scored! So much fun. Then on friday we did my idea of seeing if they could beat the 4 Gringos. It was so good. Everyone was laughing when we rode up. But when we finally got in and after the 4th win in a row people started to get serious. It was sweet! We were doing good. We can play for some white kids. They were all like wanting rematches and stuff so its sweet. We gained a lot of peoples friendship and trust. We are gonna to it again sometime to see if we can get even more people. Friday was just kinda like a normal day and had some sweet appointments. We found this one guy that went to the Mormon church in Oregon but hasnt been for years. When we told him he could be with his girlfriend forever he really liked that idea and wants to learn more. Also later that night we got into a big bible bash with this one lady. But i had like revelation given to me that her son will get baptized someday. t was really cool. She wont let us come over but i just know her son will get baptized some how.
Saturday was alright. We been checking on a lot of formers and stuff so just the usual. Theres this one really weird black guy we made friends with on the streets. He loves us. And wants to get a bike and ride around with us preaching the gospel. Hes really nice but dont think hes all right in the head. When ever he sees us he runs to us and hugs us!. haha. its so funny. But Sunday was awesome. We got our investigators to church and they really enjoyed it! So thats good.
Monday was awesome. We had set appointments all day so it was so busy for us. But the best part was that the kid that had a date he said he wasnt ready so we talked with him a little and did a mock baptismal interview and at the end he said, "Yeah i think im ready to be baptized..." It was awesome. So that is this Sunday so hopefully he will follow throught! Im so excited pray for him. Cesar is his name. And Also Cristina is the other women with a date.
I lvoe you guys so much and im doing very well. We had a CDM yesterday and got an interview with President and he just showed so much love for me and just reassured me im grow and doing the right things So im so pumped.
Things are looking up. I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well! Keep in touch. Write me! :

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