Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So this week has actually been very good.
 I honestly cant tell you how many doors we have knocked but just know its a ton. haha. We are doing work trying to find people to teach. This area was dead but now its slowly starting to pick up and I'm so grateful. I'm actually getting okay with Knocking. Just because i know i have to do it or else we would be doing nothing. So its been going a lot easier for me to talk with people... Finally. But yes because of our hours of knocking the Lord has seen it fit to bless us and im so grateful. Sick story: So our member brought someone to church. She told us Sunday morning she was driving to church and she saw a woman she recognized walking on the sidewalk. She pulled over and asked her where she was going. She said to church. Our member said get in ill give you a ride to my church. So the woman hopped in........... Is that sweet! It gets better. The woman's name is Teresa. She said this in class: " I really like this class. I love how you all do things around here. And i actually had a dream about this a few nights ago. I wanna learn more." Kid you not. Shes super prepared so I'm really excited to be teaching her. This area hasn't baptized someone in 9 months. But I'm positive that we will get someone in the water at the end of this transfer. I'm so grateful to be a missionary.
Other then that my Spanish is getting better. I know almost all the rules i just need to get a bigger vocabulary.
But i love the work. The Lord is amazing.
Thanks again for all your prayers i know its helped me a ton.

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