Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This week has been awesome. Honestly i have seen so many miracles that we for sure don't deserve i feel like the Lord is just carrying me. I don't know how i keep going in this area but days go by so fast and we are having success.
    Alfonso is dope! Hes one of the coolest guys I've met. He loves hanging out with us and learn. Hes solid. He already talks about being baptized and with my companion going home in 2 weeks we are gonna milk that as much as possible! haha. Hes so cool. He will just randomly call us sometimes just to talk to us. Hes cool and s even thinking of serving a mission! But craziest thing happened!!!!!!!!!!! So the Storm came like Friday night outta no where! It was right before we were about to go to sleep. It was nuts. Nothing like i had ever seen before. Lightning filled the sky in all sorts of colors like red and green. Trees were getting wrecked! But we went to sleep cuz we gotta be obedient. Then the next morning came and there were trees every where. Just like torn right outta the ground and then come to find out people lost power? Yeah for some reason we were one of the few buildings to keep power. (Tender Mercy) As we go driving tons of stop lights are out. Its pretty humid to so everyone is outside just like chilling. We head over to the church and the church is out... we call the bishop and the stake presidency cancelled church in our building. We were freaking out cuz Investigators need to go to church 3 times before baptism and the 15th is Alfonsos 3rd. So he has to come ever Sunday to get baptized before My comp leaves. We literally were doing everything we possibly could to get him to church. this is all at like 1012 at night. So we were pretty much screwed. We prayed and prayed and prayed and fasted to get Alfonso to church. (next morning) I will admit i was complaining a little cuz i lost a little faith but as soon as i humbled myself and prayed for forgiveness as soon as i did we got a call from the Assistants and they said that we could go to the nearest church with power. Sweet right! Only problem was getting Alfonso there. We called everyone but no one would help us. We finally went to a member from the English ward and thank goodness she agreed! But then we got a call from alfonso saying that his mom would drop him off! (his car isnt working) Super sweet right!? He came and loved it. Such a great blessing for us. Then we went and did service for him the next day by cleaning some stuff in his backyard. and he told us that his mom wants to invite us over for dinner cuz she was really touched we did that! And like after the first time we taught alfonso she got mad at him for listening to us! So we are super excited for that and we feel so blessed. Honestly hes like the only person we are consistently teaching but we love it. I don't know how the days even go by but they do!
     Today is sick! President granted us an all day P-DAY! We just got back from the parade, Totally hot and miserable, and we are chilling in the city apartments with like 20 missionaries! Its so sweet we don't have to be back until 1030! We get to watch fireworks! President Matsumori is the best! But yeah that big storm was supposed to have like 60 mile an hour winds it was so nuts! I got a lot of pictures of trees and what not. It was crazy there was like only one gas station with power so there was a line for like 2 miles! People go psycho here in MD! haha. I love it.
    Love you all.

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