Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love you Casey Haynes

Man this transfer has gone by so quick. Another super fast week. It was great!
We've been working super hard and find a lot of people to teach. We just random fall upon people. I guess its not random, but we don't even know how we get a lot of new investigators cuz we haven't knocked once! What a blessing! haha. 
Blanca is awesome! She has been reading! She told us she read the introduction on September 21. That's the same day that Moroni appeared to Joseph smith or its when he got the plates. Either way she said that was a sign to her that the Book of Mormon is true! hahahaha. Sick huh! And then we asked her if she believed Joseph Smith to be a prophet. She said yes as well! Then we gave her a baptismal date for 0ctober 21! Shes so legit. She loves talking to us and she said we can call her to teach her over the phone if we want cuz shes so busy!. Now we just need to get her to church! Pray for her.
  But we also taught this one dude from Mexico he's super smart and has read the bible like 5 times. So when i recited the first vision. He stopped me right in the middle and said this didn't happen cuz no one can look upon God and not die. I got a little upset and then i turned to my bible and read Exodus 33:11 and he stopped me before i could finish and recited it from member. He said yes i know the scripture. Face to face. Then i was like okay Moses saw him and he said no he didnt. So you know me i got a little more upset and we started to argue. I told him the scripture says it plainly face to face. He said no Moses was looking at the ground not directly at his face. I said no thats not face to face! He said i know Joseph smith didn't see God. Then i shared my testimony and he totally shut up. The spirit was so strong and he didnt know what to say. It was sweet but he still has a hard heart. Nonetheless he is reading the Book of Mormon. So i hope he can gain a testimony. 
Much Love

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