Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reflief Society President

This week has been an amazing week.
Its been full of emotions cuz transfers were coming up and i didn't want to know if i wanted to leave or stay. And its always so much anxiety on the day you find out where you are going.
  So as a district we had a finding idea of having a free car wash at our church. It started off terrible. For like the first hour NO ONE came. But then we all went in and prayed to have success and then sure enough one after another, cars came in. And it was so cool cuz every person got out of the car and got a little chapel tour in the church while they were waiting. It was amazing! The best part was the very last car was a less active family that had dropped off like for a while and no one knew where they lived. And also one of the persons car we washed came to church! So it was totally worth it!
   This transfer was amazing. I truly am grateful for the learning experience. At the end of the transfer we had found 13 investigators! And the first two weeks were the worst I've ever had. But because we worked hard the Lord blessed us. Super funny cuz we only got 2 investigators from actually knocking doors and all the rest were like referrals and from Less actives totally sweet.
   But sadly this transfer came to an end and i am leaving to a different area. Im going to Kensington, as the District Leader... Yeah im really nervous. The district im in has 2 sets of sisters and only me and my companion. So its a joke in the mission that im actually Relief Society President. haha. And i feel super outta my league cuz im the youngest in the district age wise, and in mission wise both sisters have more experience then i do and they are both training. And My comp actually has a little mental disability so hes a little slower and not all there. So its a lot of stresss but im still really excited for this transfer. Its gonna be sweet.
I love you all so much and and grateful for your support.

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