Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well this week has been an interesting one. 
Its been kinda tough. Being District Leader i feel like i have more weight on my shoulders. 
Everytime i wake up in the morning i am so much more tired and at night im exhausted... haha. 
And the sisters in my district are unreal! They are such beasts. They work like half the time that Elders do cuz they work in the Visitor Center the other half the time but they have so much more success! Its ridiculous. They make us look bad. haha. But i love them cuz they do work so hard and they definitely deserve those miracles. 
The new ward im in is great. The youth seem pretty cool and involved in the ward so that is good. I wish i helped the missionaries back home and wasnt such a turd before i left. But they help us out a lot and are willing to come out with us which is great> The area is a little down right now so we will need to unfortunately knock again... But it brings miracles so i gotta do it. 
My companion is a good missionary. He just goes and does stuff. But it is a little hard cuz he trys my patience every day. So this will be another growing transfer for me. My patience will be huge when i get home. 
 So gotta funny story yesterday. I saw this lady with a flat tire so we pulled over to help her. And she liked was freakin out with happiness that God sent her two angels to help her. And then she hugged us and kissed us.................... haha. It was hilarious. I was just like trying to resist it but she was pretty persistent. haha. The kiss was on our foreheads dont worry. But it was a great experience. I dont even remember the last time i changed a tire but i remembered how to do it. ( I wanna publicly thank you dad for showing me all the things of the car even when i didn't want to learn cuz my last 3 companions have not known how to do the basic things of car maintenance. Its super sad. So i thank you so much. I love you)
And today we had Fall Sports Day. We were divided up into three teams and we just played this insane game of Quititch, soccer, capture the flag, and dodgeball all in one. It was so fun.
But yes I'm working hard and my first district meeting is tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous but not too bad...
Love you all so much.

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