Thursday, December 20, 2012

14 months

Wow this has been a pretty eventful week.
It has been a super awesome time to be a missionary! We have been so busy which has been great and we've seen some pretty cool miracles.
There is this funny story. So we are teaching this dude in the sisters area and we get him to the VC and he wants to learn about repentance cuz he says hes never felt bad for anything his whole life. Then as we are going he tells us he believes in the book of Mormon but that it points to aliens............... We were just like okay? But then 2 days later. we get a call from him and he says he wants to join our church. haha. We go straight over and he said he was crying the whole night cuz of how awesome our church is. Cuz we are so united and have the exact same cause and even if we dont know each other we are like family. And he loved all of our pictures of Christ cuz he said they make him look so magnificent but in the Catholic they are all of him dying. I was just like "Finally someone gets it!" So he will get baptized in January.
Then we had a sweet lesson with a part member family and their daughter is going to get baptized in February and so we are using that as help to make him choose to get baptized so he can baptize her. We had a great talk and the spirit was so strong. He prayed and said that he feels he should be baptized by the end of December! So sick!
Then we had a Christmas miracle! We came home one night this week and we found a fat steak right in the parking lot of our apartment! It was cold out side so it stayed good. haha. The Church is true!
Love you all so much and appreciate everything you do for me! Love you all. 
Happy Christmas

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