Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Man things are going great!
I love being a missionary! We have been working 3 areas now for 2 weeks and its been awesome! We are so busy. Its the best.
We met with this one lady in the sisters area and she was sweet. Our first meeting with her and we dropped a BDate right then and there. She accepted and is really excited to be learning.
Imelda is doing good. Had a little bit of a scare cuz she wanted to push her date back to January but we talked and she has such a pure desire to get baptized so we pushed it back to the 30th! Shes so ready and prepared we are honestly doing nothing. She is accepting and learning everything on her own. Its so cool to see the Spirit work.
My kid is doing good. He is loving the mission. His Spanish could for sure use some work but mine was like ten times worse about 2 months ago so i gotta lot of patience with him. Hes doing great! Its a lot of fun training! 
We have been seeing a lot of miracles during Festival of Lights. People come by bus loads to come see these things. Its incredible. Just today we got five referrals from this passed week. Its so sweet. and plus our Visitor Center just got remolded so everything is new! Its the most high tech VC in the world! Yeah... we are blessed. Best Mission on Earth, what can we say?
The weather is great. Its been flucuating a lot with cold and warm. Like today its really humid and hot so im in shorts and a T shirt. haha. But yeah things are going good. I for sure hate the traffic in December but love the month. Hope everyone is doing well. Finals are coming up... Ill pray for you.

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