Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's a Boy

Well this has been a sweet week!
We have been seeing so many miracles! Its been super cool.
So bad news first. Jose lied to us and hes not really married so he cant be baptized this Sunday even though he really wants to! We havent been able to meet with his again to tell him the bad news so we just hope he will understand and take it well.
But good news is we found the sickest people ever!
Imelda: Shes the cousin of a member and has been coming to out activities for years. We talked to her on the dinner we had last week and we set up an appointment. We were getting to know her and she was telling us how shes catholic but not really cuz she never goes to church and doesnt really believe in it cuz there are so many things wrong with it! We taught by the Spirit super good. We taught her the Restoration and she was just eating everything up. I told her the first vision and she loved it! And right after i had the prompting that we should sing. So i was like Okay we are gonna sing a song no-w. My companion looked at me really weird but its okay cuz it was the right thing to do. We sang Joseph Smiths first prayer and the spirit was so strong! Then she asked us how baptism works............. Can she get any better? We extended her a BDate right on the first lesson. She accepted and then started to ball! She said she really feels that its her time and that shes on the right path! She is so amazing!
Then we found the best family. So we got this referral and we called him. He was drunk and was just saying a lot of nonsense. He said he cant talked to us cuz his wife his wife hates us and will do bad things to us. So we were a little sketched out but we went by a week later and she opened the door and she let us come in and she was so happy to see us. They are a family of 7. They loved everything we had to say and they want to find a church and they want to have a closer family and the wife wants her sons to serve missions! They are super prepared! We are gonna teach them the Plan of Salvation when we come back. They even invited us over for thanksgiving dinner. But we already had plans with another member.
And so that has been the highlight. But i got some good news! I had a baby boy! Yes that is right i am training! Im super nervous but im also really excited. My kids from Utah... go figure. haha. We are gonna have a sweet transfer.
Much Love

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