Tuesday, December 18, 2012

 Alright This has been a great week. 
Just been workin like crazy! I have been a little bit more sick cuz we had to work parking for the lights at the temple Saturday night but now im a lot better. Hopefully ill be good cuz we gotta work parking on thursday too!
So Imelda is awesome! Shes gonna get baptized for sure. Shes so ready she loves meeting with us and is progressing. We had a great lesson with her in th Visitor Center and she just loves the church. Im so excited that my companion gets to see a baptism his first transfer! Shes so sweet!
But really other then that we dont have anyone too great. Weve been working the sisters area a lot. We try to make time evenly. Its sweet though cuz we've been so busy! Its been a good problem to have!
But yeah not really much has happened out of the normal. So yeah i dont really know much to say. haha. I love you all!
PDay is on Monday next week!

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