Wednesday, January 23, 2013

single digits

 Honestly this week has been pretty much of a blur.
I am trying to remember what we have done but it went by super fast. So bare with me...
But first off im in single digits now! So crazy. The mission goes by so fast. 

We did have a good week. We taught some people and stuff. I went on exchanges to my old area and we went and visited some people i knew. It was really weird going back and seeing everything. And is was especially weird being in a car. haha. I had no idea where i was going! I know that area better on bike...
It was fun. We just did a normal day and worked hard. 
We finally got this one family to church! They have been getting taught for a while but never came to church. But we finally got them there! It was sweet. They have a little girl who is so shy and wont talk outside of her house. Her school teacher hasnt heard her voice yet and shes been with her for 2 years! Crazy right? So ive been working really hard with her to get her to trust me and we can be friends so we can get a better relationship with the parents. And its been going well. She was really scared at first but as church went on she got more relaxed. She even whispered something to me which was super cool. We are going back over to their house tonight for a FHE with another family. 
So i dont know if anyone knows but a huge cold front has just hit Maryland! Yesterday was freezing! It was like 25 and the winds were constantly blowing which made it so much worse. We were not prepared at all. haha. And today is cold too. Im just grateful not to be on bike! 
And just to finish for our zone activity we are going to do The Amazing Race! I purposed the idea and weve been working on it for about 2 weeks now. Its gonna be awesome! Im super excited.
Gotta love the mission...

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