Friday, February 15, 2013

The Amazing Race - Silver Spring Edition

 Things have been going great!
So we a\have actually been dropping a lot of people cuz theyve been super cheezy with us but we are workin super hard. 
Things are movin long. We are starting fresh and working hard. 
Thhe Family we found has been super flaky lately and we have no idea what happened to her member friend cuz she hasnt come to church in 3 sundays and wont answer her phone. So its pretty ridiculous. We just prayin.
But some awesome news theres a family thats super close to baptism. Theres this mom and 2 kids that have been wanting to get baptized for a loooooooong time but they cant cuz shes not married and her "esposo" said the kids cant get baptized alone........ But last week was her birthday and she said they went ring shopping! and that night they had a party and every single one of their friends was telling them to get married! How sweet is that? So we are really praying for a miracle! They have such strong testimonies and love church! Just cant get in the water yet! 
So the Amazing race was today! Its was awesome! There was only 3 of us in about 30 missionaries that had seen the show before so we had to explain it but it went super well. People loved it. One of the challenges was to find a sticky note in one of the hymn books of over 100. It was sweet. Ill have to send pictures. And we made them eat some nasty stuff. A lot of people threw up. haha. But they said they wanted it to be one of the challenges so we put it in.
It was so much fun!
But things are going well i love being a missionary and this area is awesome.
I did get this bug bite on my hand 2 days ago and its been swelling up really slowly but now my has is pretty chunky. I cant fit my ring on it. haha. It doesnt hurt or anything so im not too worried. Just red. The bite came from a bug in my pillow! gross right. I still havent found the bug...
Also my comp has gotten super sick and the flu has been going around but im doing well. I feel great actually. Fingers crossed...
And its 70 degrees today. haha. the cold front is gone!
Much Love

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