Friday, February 15, 2013

Tender Mercy

Well not much to say. 
So thing have been pretty normal this week. 
Just been workin super hard to get people in the water. 
But for some reason they just wont come to church! Its super
frustrating sometimes but thats where the charity and patience 
come in. Its a process. haha.
And we went by everyone to say goodbye. It was super sad. 
I realized i dont wanna leave this place! My companion had a hard
time with it. So i know its gonna be hard for me. I just need to appreciate 
every minute of this ward while im still here! I love them so much!
Transfer happened and im with Elder Hansen. 
he was actually in my apartment when i first started my mission. So i am 
pretty excited. Hes a super hardworker. I just hope we can get along! 
Hes got a strong personality and i do to so hopefully we wont butt heads.
We will for sure baptize this transfer. Im so DUE! Ive gone a long time without
seeing anyone in the wwater so its goona happen this trasnfer!
And i heard from my last area that Imelda is finally getting baptized on Saturday!
Its a blessing!
Oh yeah and the storm completely missed DC. We still have zero snow and all i wear
outside is my suitcoat. No Jacket necessary! 
Tender mercy of the Lord!
Love you all
Elder Julander

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