Friday, April 5, 2013


 What a week!
Man things have been blowing up like crazy!
My companion is nuts! haha. Hes like 100 mph all the time, talks to everyone and their dog, and just loves the work!
Its actually been awesome. Hes such a beast and we have been seeing so many miracles! We are finding so many people who are ready for the message. We actually found this awesome dude that lives 2 doors over from us! haha. We taught him the first time and then the next visit he invited his wife and they are so legit! We are so excited for them. And we have been doing member work like none other! Member work is the key!
We visited this lady who hadnt been visited in years and she wants to come back to church and get back in the temple cuz her sister just died so she wants to be on the right path again! 
And we went to this awesome youths house. Its this girl whose 13 and she comes every single sunday to church. She has such a strong testimony and her mom and borhter are really less active and her dad is a nonmeber. So we visited her and brought them Tamales. Her parents werent home so we couldnt go in but right after we left she called us and said her parents wanted to invite us over for dinner on friday!
And then we went to this other later whose been less active for years. Her husband and 2 daughters arent members and she really wants them to hear about the gospel. She really wants to go to the temple! So we are going over this sunday!
Things have been awesome! On Sunday we had the entire week already planned cuz weve just been working really hard. We are so busy and we like have no time but its such a good blessing to have. I love this work! 
I love being a missionary. The Church is so true...

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