Friday, April 5, 2013

So Sorry

 Okay it was all my fault what happened last week. haha.
So we went to to DC and we got a bunch of missionaries together and we played football right in front of the capital building!
I hadnt played in a long time like more then a year so i was really excited. We stayed a lot longer then we should have because i was actually doing pretty well
so i didnt want to go so we ended up getting back to our area too late to do email. My B. But i did scored the winning touchdown. So im happy about that.
  Things have been going well. I love my new area. The zone im in is the best! Its so much fun. We are zone leaders of 32 missionaries. Is the biggest zone.
Its so much fun. We got some awesome missionaries who love the work!
   We have been working pretty hard and we have some sweet people ready for baptism!
Claudia is one. She loves the Gospel already. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and she was crying at the end. She loves reading the BoM
and she loved church! Only problem is that she is not married but she said she already prayed and got her answer on what she needs to do. She said she is going
to kick out her boyfriend. haha. Shes willing to do anything the keep the commandments!
  Weve been talking to people and trying to find like crazy.
I actually talked to a deaf hispanic yesterday. He was the first one i met. It was really hard to communicate with him!
And so weird thing is my friend from back home just got to the mission. Her name is Makalee Owens. It was really sweet to see her.
We actually hung out a lot before my mission like during our senior year. It was a fun reunion.
And the best thing happened the other day. We went to a members house to go eat and they made for us Meatloaf covered in bacon!
It was so good and on the inside were hard boiled eggs. Talk about heaven!
I love this work.

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