Friday, April 5, 2013

bitter sweet

What a week.
So things have been super great!
But unfortuneatly im not in Silver Spring anymore...
It was a really hard last day.
i was super sad to go. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone.
It was a real downer.
But im going to gaithersburg! And i am actually super excited.
I hear this ward is awesome. So im stoked. But its a bittersweet experience.
So i have a cool story. The other day we went to Gissells house to eat some Mangu! It was so good! I love dominican food.
anyways she told us of her conversion story. It was incredible.
She said for like the whole time she was listening to the missionaries her life got really hard. She said just random problems would
arise or really bad difficulties come into her life. She said she actually didnt want to go to church of listen to the missionaries but
she knew she had to. She said she knew it was Satan trying to keep her from being happy.
And so she said she would always try so hard to come to church and do all the stuff she was suppossed to.
She has such a strong testimony it was so sweet!
I realized at that moment that every investigator goes through that same process. It must be so hard for them!
But Heavenly father wants the elect ones. He wants a purified strong people. If it was easy, everyone would be members.
So that is why every investigator needs a freind in the church so they can make it.
Gissell said she has never been happier in her whole life.
It was such a strong testimony builder for me...
I love the Gospel.
I love being a missionary.

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