Monday, May 20, 2013


You are not going to believe this week! It was a week of miracles.
So the mission lately has been doing pretty bad on baptisms. Things have just been going hard for everyone. But in zone conference President gave a little speech and just asked what was up with everyone. It really inspired everyone
Then the Assistants decided to do a mission wide fast for finding and baptizing people! It was sweet. 
And so so inspire and unite everyone. The assistants have asked that anytime anyone gets a miracle to send it to them over voice mail and then they would send it to the entire mission! Lets just say the phones have been ringing like crazy!
Its nuts! Its so sweet to hear all these miracles. Weve had some of our own.
So Claudia is awesome!!!!!!!! So we go over and we are eating with her and the member family that she lives with. During dinner she just asks. "So when is my interview for baptism?" We were just like well you have to live the law of chastity before and after baptism remember. She just says "Oh yeah i forgot to tell you. I kicked out my boyfriend last night..." Elder Rozsa and i were shocked. We both just started yelling and cheering. We were so happy! Shes going down the 28th of April.
Then there Karina. She came to church and just loved it! Shes living all of the commandments right now and totally wants to get baptized.
The theres this last one with Inelia. Now shes been being taught for a while now and shes in a tough situation. She loves the church and wants to get baptized but she lives with her sister who payed $7500 dollars to get her over to America. She Inelia feels really indebt to her sister. Plus her sister is super controlling and doesnt like the church at all. But we had an amazing lesson with Inelia and a member a few nights ago. So We talked about baptism and what not. Inelia told us her doubts then our member just shares this amazing experience with her about her conversion. [She first tells that her son always used to convulse just randomly. And this happened on the night of her baptism. She asked the missionaries to give her son a blessing. Since that blessing he hasnt convulsed since. Then she said that her sister was really against the church as well and didnt want her to get baptized. But She knew the church was true so she had to do it. Cuz it doesnt matter what anyone else thought just what God thought. So she goes and gets baptized. When she comes home that night her sister locks her out of her own house. (At this moment our member begins to ball so its ever more powerful) She said that one of the memebrs of the church came and picked her and her son up and let them live with them for free until she got back on her feet. Then she said she doesnt regret her dicision at all because she knew the chruch was true.] Then Inelia starts to cry. and then i have a huge prompting to give her a blessing. She accepts and we give her a blessings. It was awesome! She begins to cry evern more. The spirit was so strong. and she accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of April. She told us she is going to go talked to her sister as soon as possible! PRAY FOR HER!
Then had something awesome for me. This sweet little girl of the ward just turned 8 and she asked me to baptize her! It was awesome. I felt so happy! Things have been going great!
Okay so one last funny story. So its been ridiculously hot lately. The weather totally skipped spring and went straight to summer. So everything is grow and what not. Its beautiful . But also all the nasty bugs have been coming out. So we get home one day and i find a wasp flying in our study room! It was super scary. haha. We hit the dang wasp like 6 times but that thing would not go down! It was a demon. But finally we got it. We pretty much almost dies. No big deal.
I love you all so much. The church is so true!

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