Monday, May 20, 2013


Things are aweosme!
This week has been a crazy miracle.
So Cluadia is forsure going down this sunday! She knows all the questions and is willing to live them. Her only doubt was Thomas S monson but she watched a video of him and then prayed. As soon as she prayed she said she felt the spirit. Sweet huh?!
Inelia has been a little skeptical about her baptism but last night we went over the baptismal querstions with her. Her only doubt before was Joseph Smith but last night she told us that she knows he was a profet! So sick!
Then on monday we went with karina to the Visitor Centor... It was so cool. She loved it and felt the spirit really strong! She said she knows that she is in the right church...
So things have been going awesome. this is the most success ive seen my mission so im just soaking it all in.
The other day we went and did service for this family. They pretty much are just a bunch of slobs. and its really sad cuz their falling apart cuz their disabled son passed away a year ago so its just been really bad. So this house was super gross and we cleaned that thing good. I mean crumbs and dust every where, stains on the floor, bugs and jone it was bad. But it was good to help them out. I wanted to puke the whole time. haha.
The other day we went and played soccer with some members and i got this huge cut and bruise on my shin from a cleat. and litteraly that morning i was think "Hmm i wonder why its a rule to wear shin guards" I got my answer. haha. So it was really painful but had to keep playing!
and today we went to the Nationals Game! It was awesome but again we lost... So depressing. We got on the jumbo tron like 3 times. It was pretty legit.
Gotta love the mission

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