Sunday, August 18, 2013


This week went by so fast!
We have been working so hard and we have seen some bomb miracles!
This past saturday we helped with woman move and it took us forever! haha.
It took us from 12 to 6:30. It was a long day. haha. But we just love to serve!
The other day at 8:15 we were driving and had no idea what to do.
So we both got the impression to go visit this investigator who we kinda dropped already.
But both also got the same doubting thought saying "He is never home."
As we both got these impressions we didnt tell each other until we were home. Crazy huh?
Anyways we go and visit this guy and of course hes not home. So i just think "great that was stupid i just ruined the night" Sike!
So we started knocking on the other side of the street and we came to 3 houses with lights on. We saw the first and saw that they were drinking inside so we skipped that one and knocked on the middle. This is at 8:30. And we cant knock anymore after that time. So the very last door. And this family lets us right in! All we say is "We are missionaries." 
Such a miracle! This family is so sweet! they are so prepared. They even made us dinner! haha.
Then had an amazing miracle. So theres this less active woman names Synthia in our ward who hasnt come back in years cuz her husband is against the church. But we went over on Friday and she told us some great news. So what had happened was Synthias brother married a nonmember. And his wife just baptized their kids in the Catholic church without him knowing and it caused this big fight between them. So Synthia and her husband were talking about this experience and he said he wouldnt want to have that fight with her and so he gave her permission to baptize their 3 kids when they become of age!
We were so excited cuz she has this daughter whose 9. And she wants to go to church and get baptized! We are praying hard that her husband will not change his mind because Synthia and her daughters came to church on Sunday and loved it so much! We are so excited and grateful for that miracle. Plus Synthias mom is come in tomorrow and shes a super faithful member so she is going to help us out big time!
The Church is so true!


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    1. You're so nice Elder Julander and Yes the church is so true. I love it and I like it :)