Sunday, August 18, 2013

$20 Miracle

The weeks have been going by so fast!
We cant believe its already another Pday.
Super weird.
I dont really know what to say cuz weve just been finding all week.
We havent been able to teach many lessons but we are still doing great!
I do have some cool stories.
So Fernando has been coming back strong.
Hes so great. Im so proud of him. He really is trying hard to read and come to church. we are helping him to receive the Priesthood. We have a good time with him and we can feel the Spirit more and more in his life.
Cool story. We went by a less active and i was driving. we drove by hwer house and i thought 'shes not home.' But then i got a strong feeling to stop. So we did and knocked the door. Turns out she was home. But the miracle was that this man came up to us and gave us $20. When we asked him why he just said cuz he sees us out all the time and wanted to help us. We tried to talk to him about the Gospel but he didnt want anything to do with it! He was a nice man. He was actually from Russia. I know he will find the missionaries again and sit down and listen. He deserves that blessing.
The other day we had a tough lesson. This super hard hearted Catholic woman would just not listen to us. We were talking about the Book of Mormon and about Christ in the Americas and she just kept saying over and over "No es asi" (Its not that way) And everytime it just shook me and rocked my testimony. I was getting so mad but luckily my companion is just amazing and he started to testify which helped me keep my cool. And then the Spirit comforted me and confirmed to me the truths that i had already known. So i left happy. 
Her daughter was super cool. So i know she will find the missionaries again someday and accept the invitation. Me and my comp both know that to be true. 
Thank goodness for the Spirit. I cant see how people can live without it. 
I love this Mission.  

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