Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Cant believe this week!
This has been a great week.
Sunday i had the opportunity to bless Carinas baby! It was amazing! I was so nervous. My first time holding a baby in 22 months! I got permission from Pres. dont worry. :)
But it was so cool. It was very different but such a spiritual moment. Im so grateful i had that chance.
Shes so great. I know her son is meant for some pretty amazing things.
This Monday we had a ward picnic with another ward. It was awesome! So man people went. There was such good food there! And we got to play soccer which was a lot of fun. I even scored a goal! haha. And it was nice cuz i got to say goodbye and take pictures with everyone.
So sadly i had to leave. It was actually really tough. I had a ton of great relationships in that ward.
Alexa is set for this sunday! Just need to talk with her dad. Her mom said she would. So we have faith that its going to happen. Shes so ready and wnats to so bad!
And by some miracle i have ended up in Silver Spring again! Im in the area where i started my mission! Im so excited. At the end of this transfer ill have a grand total of 10 1/2 months in this ward! im so blessed. Thats what happened when you have friend in high places! Two of the assistants have been companions with me before. Im so excited. Its going to be the best 6 weeks ever! Cant believe its ending so fast!
I love you all.

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