Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tacos De Lengua

Good things.
I love this area. Its so cool to be back. Im so grateful. I had a great warm homecoming from the ward. It was so nice. I sure do love it here.
Things are going great for us in this area. Its on fire. So hopefully ill be able to keep things the same.
We got some pretty solid investigators who are ready for baptism but just got a few things that they need to overcome.
Had some great food this passed week. Its good having good relationships with the members you just ask and they give!
I had my favorite dinner the other day. Tongue Tacos! Seriosuly they are so good. It was my comps first time. He loved it.
The ward is great. Its actually changed a bunch. A lot of new faces and some that should be here but arent... :(
I trying hard to work and not get trunky. haha. Im not too bad. Im doing a lot better then i thought i would be.
So Alexa didnt get baptized...:( Her dad wants her to wait even though she explained baptism and why she wants to do it perfectly. Hes a punk but i keep praying in every single prayer to soften his heart. She'll get baptized soon. I just know it. I miss her a lot.
Well i love this work. I love being a missionary. I dont want it to end.
Thanks for the prayers.
Much Love

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