Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dead Man Walking

Things are tough. haha
This week has still been a little slow.
We are trying to find people but no luck. Even Facebook is hard for us to find.
We are trying to keep up the faith. 
Not to mention im going home soon so, not going to lie, it is really hard. 
Im trying to stay focused. Its just a little stressful and i got some anxiety, but im doin good. 
I had an interview with President and he really helped me out and gave me great advice. 
Just things i need to do before i go. 
I told him about my thought to join the military. He told me that if i ever do then to give him a call and he would hook me up! How great is that! :)
Dont really know what to say.
Things are great and im so happy to be in this ward again. 
We already have some going away dinners set up! Im stoked. 
Last time i was here when my trainer left, we had 5 meals in 1 day! Its gonna be sweet.
Conference is going to be so great! I hope you all already have thought of some questions to think about during conference. I know they will be answered!
This is the best time of the year for missionaries. The whole day we are just relaxing and spiritually filled. I love it.
I love you all. See you soon.

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