Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 weeker

Well as things come to a close im not sure what to say.
Its been pretty slow around here actually.
We did save a guys life this week. So our investigator has been going through a rough time. We went over and he was just broken... Super sad. We dont really know why but he was just saying that his life wasnt worth it. Its too hard, its not worth it, he has nothing here. Very upsetting
We were not expecting that at all. But we prayed super hard and tried to keep the spirit there and control the situation as much as possible. It was a tough lesson. Ive never been in that situation before. But the Spirit help us out a lot and we were able to calm him down and help him to see the good and brightside of trials...
But other then that our area is going pretty slow. We are trying to find but people just dont want to talk to us. Its heartbreaking really.
Ive got 3 weeks left... Dont really know what to think.
I talked to President about it yesterday. He gave me some great advice and help. I love him.
But other then that just a normal week.
If your thinking of sending me anything for my birthday, please hold off. I dont want to add more weight to my bagss. haha I have so much crap already...
I love being a missionary. I dont want it to end.

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