Saturday, December 3, 2011


Another week down. First off UofA won which was freakin sick news to get! I was so happy! Now none of the ASU fans can say nothin. Well my days as district leader were short lived. I told on of the other missionarys to shut up cuz she wouldn't stop talking and then he told the President and i got released... Haha. Just playin. I got called to be a zone leader! Crazy right? So i get to now watch the whole zone and organize sacrament and priesthood meeting and when the new missionarys come on Wednesday i getta show them around. Im pretty stoked for that. But other then that its just been a pretty normal week. We had a good devotional by Yamashita of the 70. It was way good. His wife just came to salt lake four months ago so she speaks broken English but gave an amazing talk anyways. And it gave me hope because that's gonna be me when i get to DC. I wont speak well but the people will still understand me. I will be in DC 3 weeks from today. The district in my zone just older than us just got there travel plans yesterday. So we will be getting ours on thursday! Its gonna be so sweet.
All the Christmas lights are up at the MTC so we have been taking a few pictures as a district in them. They are beautiful. The weather is getting colder. We havent had snow since like a couple weeks ago. So its not too bad.
The oldest district just left on Monday so we had a zone testimony meeting. It was so sweet. the Spirit was so strong. Its just a time where the leaving missionarys can give us advice and knolwdge and what not. They also pass down like clothes and toys that have been passed down for district to district, just like traditions. I got a ping pong set, air hockey set, and a giant fan and a tie. So it was a good day.
Okay so i have a new favorite scripture. 2Nephi 31:9-10. I have been thinking about it every single day and its just so beautiful. "The straightness of the path." God had given us an easy path to follow. Its not curvy or up hill its perfectly staright and the Savir has already walked it for us. But there is a catch. "The narrowness of the gate" There is only one way into the presence of God. Repentance and Baptism. We are already half way there. Baptism= done. We just need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He even says "Follow Thou Me". I love that. So look those scriptures up.
I have only gained like 2 pounds since ive been here. So that is good. I definitely watch what i eat. We went outside for gym which coulda been the last time on wednesday. It was freezing! But like a said we always end up in shorts and a T. It is so fun. I lost one of my name tags. I was running to gym and it fell off so thats pretty gay. But really other then that i cant think of anything to say. The weeks seem so short so i cant really remember stuff thats happened so that could be a problem. Well thanks for all the love and letters. I aprreciate all the support. The MTC is still great. I can feel all your prayers and i am grateful.

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