Friday, December 23, 2011

Finally in DC

I cant tell you how great The Matsumoris are! They are incredible. So loving and caring. They are so nice. I feel like one of there kids. Okay so the flight to the ATL was long. I got like an hour sleep. The plan was so small and cramped that i could not get comfortable for the life of me. And it was so weird being in the real world. Everyone was giving us like weird looks. I was like, ahh dont kill me. And even this one lady took a picture of me and all the other Elders when we were all talking on the phone. It was whack. okay The ATL airport is huge! There is a metro thing inside the airport. It was the coolest thing ever. It went so fast. Then the flight to Wahington was on an even smaller plane. Two seats on both sides. That went by really fast. Then we were greeted by The Matsumoris. They are so sweet. They took us out to eat at Ihop. I was starved. Then we went straight to the DC temple. That thing is massive! The Angel Moroni is 19 feet tall. Its tradition to go and take the missionaries so they can pray and open up there mission right. It was an awesome experience. Then we went to the Matsumoris house. Its really big. They live in a nice neighborhood. There is an Senior companionship, They are hilarious. The Bleaks. Hes so great. Hes a hustler. There was pingpong in the basement so we started playing and he was like yeah im not that good but once he got a paddle in his had he went crazy. Hes amazing! We took a 3 hour nap. (not long enough. haha) And then had some orientation and a testimony meeting. Awesome. We had dinner. Hermana Matsumori is a bomb cook. Her food was amazing. Had a little christmas dinner. Que Chevere! Then went to sleep and woke up. went to the Temple and met my trainer. Hes great. I already have such love for him and we barely know each other. We did a session... Lemme just say that the temple is gorgeous. It is huge! as soon as i walk in the guy at the desk was like, "Julander? Hmm weve got some Julanders in my ward" I was like What!!! I cant remember their names though so hopefully ill run into him again so i can ask him. Then there is this huge wall portrate of Christ and the DC temple is beautiful. Then when i got in the Celestial Room i was ah struck. It was so beautiful and its just amazing. Yall have gotta see it sometime. Then we went to my apartment. Ive got two awesome roommates. They are hilarious. I fit right in. Also they said they play ball like a lot so im super stoked about that. Went to the mall today... What a shocker. Never in my life have i ever been the minority like this. There are so many black people and hispanics. They all look like really big and scary. But im totally psyched. Literally i saw two other white folk here. Ridiculous. So my area is really ghetto and im on a bike. Which is perfect. Its exactly where i wanna be. Its not even cold here. Its like chilly but not bad at all. The humitity is not good. I can feel it cuz im not used to it but none of the other new missionaries can really sense it yet. But im so grateful to be out here. Its so sick. I love it. Im still petrified to talk to random people but im excited. Thansk for all the love.

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