Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So much stuff has happened this week. But i don't have much time to write it so ill go fast. I am in the biggest area for a bike. Hyattsville. Right next to The University of Maryland. Totally sweet. But i get so tired from riding. My gosh. Eveyrtime we stop to visit someone I'm like so sweaty. The humidity is awful. But the people are awesome. The ward is fantastic. Theres not many of them we could all fit in the chapel. But they are so nice. We get fed like almost everyday. And every time we enter a house member or not they always offer us a drink or snack. And the food is bomb! I love it. They definitely have some weird combinations on stuff but its so good i kid you not. Watermelon with fresh squeezed lime on it, and over easy eggs on apples. I know it sounds weird but its so good. Christmas was sweet. Gotta go to church for the first time. Made many great friends in the ward. Its different though cuz its like a Hispanic tradition here to celebrate on the 24th night. So that was cool. Ate a good lunch and dinner.
It rains a lot here. Its not really that cold yet but the wind and rain make it cold. And we have to ride our bikes in it. But its not so bad. But its really hilly which makes it even more hard. Its a blessing though because I'm pretty sure ill be able to dunk by the time i leave. My legs are dead at the end of everyday.
Lessons are going well. I am trying so hard to understand but the speak so fast! Most of the people are from El Salvador but theres some from every where. Cuba, Dominican Republic, Niceragua. Its sweet. So far the Cubans speak the fastest. They are insane!
So i give my little insights here and there and then when they replay i look at my companion for clarification. The Spirit is so strong when we teach. Its so sweet. I love being inside of people houses and teaching them about the Gospel. Inside is the easy part. Street contacts are whats hard. I get so nervous to just go to random people on the streets and ask them about Religion. And Elder in my apartment makes me work on it with him every night. Its still hard.
So living on my own is pretty cool. I for sure miss some things about living at home but its still fun. Us Elders in the apartment have a lot of fun during nights and mornings. I pretty much have toaster strootle and Ramen for every Breakfast and lunch. And we put Nutella on pretty much everything! (I'd thought you'd like that TMS) Its always a must have at every meal. Also we have made an amazing discovery. There are these chips called Terra Exotic Vegetable chips. They are freaking good. And they are healthy for you. We eat like a whole bag a day. They are amazing for some reason. 1 oz is a full serving of Vegetables. So thats how i stay healthy!
Being out here is so sweet. I have a lot to learn and my Spanish is crap but I'm getting better. I'm workin so much and i love it. But we cant do it alone. I cannot tell you have crucial members are for our success. They give referrals and create friendships. So i wanna challenge everyone to think of a person you could give to the missionaries. Referrals are so sweet to get. They help us out a lot. Either a less active or potential investigator. And if they don't wanna hear that's fine. At least you know you helped the missionaries. We are so grateful for members. They are totally sweet!
Thank you so much for all your support and love. I really appreciate it. Especially the prayers. I know I am getting help from all of you. so thank you all. Te Quiero

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