Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Okay so all day yesterday we had in-field orientation. Just about what to expect and what to do when you get in the field. it was so funny. So today is my p day.
Yeah so check it I will be leaving in two days im prett psyched. This week went by ridiculously fast. It was so good.
Sunday night we had the BYU mens choir perform Christmas songs. It was freakin sweet. The Carol of the Drum is like the best song.
Tuesday was awesome! My last devotional at the MTC. And guess who? Elaine S. Dalton! It was amazing! Shes been my favorite speaker since she became the young womens Pres. All her talks just speak like to me i feel. I was so nervous when i saw it was her. It was so cool. What a blessing to see her. When she came in she began to get all emotional. She said she has spoken at the MTC before but something about us was different. It was cool. They said she has had every position in her ward and stake that is possible for a women to have. That was so cool. She is an amazinging women with such a powerful testimony. Her talk was incredible. It was about gifts. Unexpected gifts, Gifts of the Spirit, and gift of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was totally sweet. If you can some how find the talks of the speakers at the MTC look them up. Weve had great ones.
Wednesday we got to host again. I gotta help two missionaries, in the freezing weather. But its always fun. We got snow like on tuesday i think. Thats only been the second snow ive seen here. We had a good time taking pictures and playin.
Thursday was our last day in class. Sad day. I loved my teachers so much. They are awesome guys. Ken Hainsworth and Ben Bailey. I love them.
Friday we had in feild orientation. Just to teach us how to talk to people in the feild. It went good.
Okay so here are something i want yall to check out. Theres a new for the strength of youth out. A revised one, so read that. And also we have been talking a lot about Mormon.org. And how its a great way to invight non memebers and what not. So I would ask everyone to check it out and get familiar with it cuz its so easy just to say to a non memeber hey go check out mormon.org real quick and watch a video. There are so many different types of people and some are just like you. But i want you all to check out these videos these are my favorite and i get chills everytime i watch them. Paris Thomas (Thats my boy) William Hopoate (great story) Brandon Flowers (very cool) Tessa Winger (Inspirational) and these are some other good ones. Larry Gelwix (the coach ForeverStrong is about) Rob Morris (Superbowl champion) Sheryl garner, stan checketts, allan wolford, Lacey John (Wildcat swimmer) Dionne Shaw.
So i know like it seems like a lot but the videos are like 3 minutes and they are so sweet. I love hearing about other peoples storys and why they are mormon. So please go check those out.
But lemme see here... Ill be in DC on 9 o clock monday morning! Im super stoked but also terrified. So that should be interesting. Im excited to leave but The MTC has been good to me. It will kinda be missed.
Gotta get all my packing done today. Hopfully i wont be too much over weight! I think i should be alright. But okay the next time you will see an email from me it will be from DC. Chou.

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