Saturday, December 10, 2011

Travel Plans

Well this week has gone by so fast! We got to host the new incoming missionaries on Wednesday. It was sweet and so much fun. I gotta help 3 Hermanas and 1 Elder. It was cool to tell them about all the ins and outs of the MTC. Then on thursday night we got a new district in our zone so i got to give them a tour! It was totally sweet and so much fun. They are cool. One is from Chandler and one is from Wilcox. So on our last devotional they told us that the MTC is gonna celebrate like the 50th anniversary or something and have like some apostles there and maybe the Prophet! im so jealous. That should be sweet. So they finally came! I got my Travel plans! It was totally amazing. We were all yelling and cheering for joy. I leave on the 18th at 8:30 pm, my flight leaves at 12:55. Which is kinda funny cuz i totally called it that we would be leaving at 1 am. We have a connecting flight from Atlanta to DC. We should arrive at 9 am-ish. So its gonna be a long day. I am so scared.
So let me think. Nothintg really happened this week. I am thankful to all my friends and family for writing me so much! I love getting letters. yall is awesome. On our devotional on sunday we had a 70 i cant remember which one but he challenged us to read 30 minutes a day and he said we will be more blessed and days will be easier. So i want to challenge everyone to read 30 minutes. I can honestly testify that reading helps me get through the day. I love reading now because of the scriptures.
Okay so its definetly getting so cold here. I am gonna die in DC. We still havent had a heavy snow yet so im gonna brace myself for when that comes. I am still at the same weight since i got here. So thats good. Its sweet being a zone leader. Well see ya. Keep sending love. I appreciate it so much. Make sure you send letters no later then Tuesday cuz i might not get them in time. Send them to my mission home address. Ask me mom for that over my fb. Mucho Amo.

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