Thursday, January 5, 2012

two weeks

So i made it through my first two weeks. Its weird to think that ive been gone for 2 1/2 months now. And Kevin and Chris are now joining the mission field. Its so weird. Im so excited for both of them. Well this week has been alright. Its actually been really slow. But New Years was crazy! I cant believe its 2012 already. The streets were packed with cars! I was so scared i was gonna get like clipped by a car. The streets we nuts. So there was a ward party at the church that we got to go to for a little. It was pretty nice. We didnt get to dance but the ward seemed to be having fun. We had to be back home and asleep at our usual time. But we all got woken up to gun shots and a guy yelling "happy new year!" Yeah so that was a little sketchy. oh and i dont know if i mentioned this but i hear atleast 8 police sirens a day. New Years was like 20... I love this city. Church was great. There was probably like 10 people all together but after the sacrament everyone piled in. haha. Monday we planned a family home evening for the ward. It was so much fun. We had a pretty good turn out and it was really cool. Tuesday morning we went over to a members house for his famous breakfast. Lemme tell you it was awesome! Banana pancakes with strawberries and ice cream! So freakin good! I was lovin it. And that brings us to today. So like i said days have been so slow. People are cheesy. We will like make apointments and they will dip out on the last minute or not even answer the door and we know they are home. a few times ive seen people run and try to hide. Its ridiculous. And to top it off its so cold here now. Yesterday was freezing. There was like a 30 minute blizzard. Which we had to ride in. I hate snow. Luckily the sun melted it all but then the winds went nuts. My whole body was covered in some sort of clothing. But yeah we probably taught 6 lessons in the passed five days, It sucks. But im trying to keep my spirits up and not get frustrated. Im trying to picture everyone in white and love them even if they slam the door in our face... We do have one kid on date for the 22, so im really excited about that! But yeah thats pretty much it. Not much to report. I love you all and your love. Hope all is well.
Te Quiero
Elder Julander

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