Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Okay well this week. Has been a pretty good one. The work has still been going a little slow but weve took a step back and done much thinking and praying and finally its picking up. Weve been doing a lot of street contacting and checking on formers and its actually producing people for us! So im hoping we are doing the right thing.
The weather has been insane!
Got our first snow on Saturday morning. It was aweful. The snow and dirt mix together and then it just flings in your face. Tastes great... Also i hate snow because it makes the roads slippery. Yeah so i fell again right in the middle of the street. landed right on my knee, ripped my pants, and gave me a nice rode burn. It hurt like heck. But whatever. Thats just part of the joy of being a missionary! And then the past two days its been nice and sunny and all the snow is melted! Its so humid and hot outside its the weridest thing ever.
We had this specialied training on friday for all the new missionaries. It was so fun. The Matsumoris are awesome! I love them so much. During the training we had a little game and we had to work as a team to move on. He didnt want to play but i was like, "yes we are playing. And we are winning!" First round was scripture chase. Only the first four moved on. Second round was re arange the First Vision backwards. That was really hard cuz i only know it in Spnish but i carried us to the finals! That final round was looking up rules in the white handbook. But you probably already figured it out but we won! It was sweet. We got matching ties. haha. They are nice ties!
But lets see. Ive been playing a lot of basketball. Whenever we see kids playin we just walk up to them and they invite us over and then we freakin do work and dominate and then wegain their respect and then we getta teach them about the Gospel. Its so much fun. We are teaching a lot of youth. I guess we just do better with them. The old people dont really like us hat much. We had a sweet experience yesterday. We were checking on a former but the apartment door was locked so we waited for someone to open it but no one came. As we were leaving we both got prompted to stay so we waited another five minutes but still nothing. And then someone walks up so we GQ her but she totally shuts us down. So we were both like welll that was gay. So we leave and as we are riding someone yells at us "Good Luck". So we turn around and a lady is getting out of her car. We go talk to her. Come to find out she is a member! She is a home nurse and works for a mormon lady. The lady told her to leave early and go home. So she did and then she ran into us! She said she hasnt been to church in 2 years. And she wants us to come over and teach her husband who is a nonmember! Is that crazy or what! Talk about an answer to the prayer! So dope!
Well today is Death Temple. Where all the missionarys who are leaving get to go to the temple one last time. Then after we all play Death Ball. Last time to play basketball before they leave. Its a lot of fun. Theres a lot of kids who can play. (Im on of them) haha. So yeah thats been the week. Sorry this is so short its so lame, but nothing has been happening. Transfers are next wednesday but i think ill still be in the same area. But we will see. Well i love you all so much. I promise my letters are coming. It seriosuly takes forever to get all the way to AZ. But keep sending them and ill keep writing. Thanks so much for the love and everything! I appreciate you all so much.
Te Quiero

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