Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well this week went by so fast. I cant believe its been one month since i got out of the MTC. Its so insane. But this week was alright. Its picking up slowly. I love teaching people! Its the greatest. We met some kids in this one neighborhood playin ball. They thought they were good and invited us over. And as soon as we scored the first point they was all trippin. It was hilarious. We freakin did work. We definantley built some friendships with them. They want us to come over everyday and teach them a quick lesson and then play ball. Its awesome. Of course we dont play everyday though. haha. We are teaching 3 really cool youth. They are so interested about the gospel and what not. Its super sweet. One is on date for a month from now. So thats a good thing.
Okay so its kinda getting really cold now. Its actually pretty nice but when the wind gets going and the bike makes it ten times worse it gets freezing. haha. And i swear the freakin wind is always blowing the opposite direction of the way we are going. Its ridiculous. But biking is a lot easier now. My legs are getting a lot bigger. I put on my volcom jeans the other day and they were tight! I dont know if it was cuz i wasnt used to skinnys anymore or what but they seemed a lot tighter then usual. And i still havent gained any weight so i know its just my legs getting muscle. haha.
Well lets see. The ward is still awesome. They are the nicest people to us. They love the missionarys so much. We get fed good food when they invite us over. Its great. Went to the Lincoln memorial today! That thing is massive. Its totally sweet. I never realized. But yeah so things are going really well. I appreciate all your love and support. You all are seriously great. I get help a lot. Much Love.

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