Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well it is official. I am done with my first transfer. Time freakin flew. I'm still in my same area and same companion. He goes home right after this transfer so I'm gonna kill him. Its pretty exciting.
Hmm not much happened this week. Just kinda like a normal week. We've been doing a little better at finding people to teach. I'm finally starting to be able to get the nerve to stop people and talk to them. Its so hard to understand though. I actually got a return appointment for one of the ladys i GQ. She was so sweet and helped me with my Spanish as i was asking her questions. She seems really interested and wants to learn more about La Palabra de Dios. So that was so sweet. Also we finally got our investigators at church!!!!! They liked it so much and are already making plans to come next Sunday. It was so cool. The ward is awesome and helped us a bunch. And also there was 5 baptisms into our ward. The area right next to us was doing work! They found some awesome people and killed it! President Matsumori even showed up. It was a sweet sight then after we had so much food. Oh man the food here is bomb!
This week i taught the entire Plan of Salvation to a member that had questions about it. All in Spanish. She said i did really good and explained things pretty well. So that was very cool. We have been doing a lot on family home evenings with members. I love doing it to. We have so much fun.
We watched The Testaments again yesterday with an investigator. Cried again... Its a good movie alright relax. Get off my back. haha. She really enjoyed it and the spirit was so strong.
Lemme just tell you some weird things that go on in the area of Hyattsville. A couple times we have run into drunk guys and they start talking to us about the Bible and then they try to bash with us. Its so funny. One time we asked this drunk guy who was yelling at us if he had even read the Bible before, he flipped and started quoting some scriptures. Then i said "hey I can do that too, 'And God said let there be light; and there was light'" My companion started laughing and then we just rode away. It was sweet. Then one time a guy brought us clothes and said we can split them between us. It was like a pair of jeans and two nasty shirts. We were just like what the? Then we saw this guy speeding down the street and then he lost control and slammed into a pole. It was a bad accident. He was like pinned and couldn't get out. So we went and said a prayed for him. Then one time this homeless guy came up to us and we bought him food and chatted with him for a while. He said he knew Mormons like us before so he knew we would help him cuz we were the nicest people. It was sweet. And that is the area.
I forgot to mention i shaved my head two weeks ago. Did a 7 all over. I kinda like it. I'm just gonna do that from now on. Oh and i forgot. That investigator we watched the movie with. I had the strongest feeling to extend a baptismal invitation, so i did! She accepted! It was so sweet. What an amazing feeling. Just gotta hope she dot bail on it.
Okay thank you so much for all the love and prayers especially. I'm so blessed. Love you all. Talk to you in a week.

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