Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Well I have made it to my third week. Its crazy! I cant believe I've been out for a total of 3 months. So this week has been another slow week. We again are not having success with people letting us in. People keep bailing on appointments. So we have nothing to do for a couple hours so we just knock doors to pass time and that gets us no where. We have a ton of non members, we check on them often but they wont even answer the door at times. Its ridiculous.
My Spanish is coming along a lot better. I can say what i want to say its just understanding them is the hard part. haha. People speak so fast. But i can definitely see the Lord blessing me with my language.
Okay so the weather here is so weird! for the past few days its been hot outside. I be sweatin bad when i go to peoples houses. And then two days ago it was snowing like crazy. It was so bad. And of course i was riding my bike and i there was a wooden bridge we went over and then i slipped and the whole left side of my body got soaked. It was miserable. But then the snow melted and the next day it was really nice.
So i got to go to the Museums today! We didn't really spend as much time as i would have liked too but it was sweet. We hit up the American History and the Natural History. Totally sweet. That place is huge though. I could spend a week to look at everything thoroughly. It was so cool.
This place has got some crazy people. A week ago this guy was waiting for the light and then when it turned green he took off and was weaving in and out and then as he turned the corner there was a loud crash. So we rode over there and his car was smashed around a telephone pole. It was so scary. He was alive but for sure critically injured. We said a prayer for him then took off. Then this week a guy came up to us and handed us a bag of clothes and said that it was for us to split. There was a pair of shorts and a shirt and a random Chinese book. We were like What?! Then this homeless guy came up to us and asked us for help. Said he just got outta the hospital. We went all Good Samaritan on him and bought him some food, chatted with him a little, and gave him money and water. He said he knew Mormons before and they were the nicest people so that's why he came to us. It was a good experience.
So that's pretty much it for here. Its supposed to snow again today so we will see whats going on with that. The food here is bomb. The members love us. So that's a good thing. Makes me feel appreciated. Okay well thank you to everyone for all your love and care. Ya ll seriously are awesome. Okay so just check back in a week. Write me! Much Love

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