Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ey! Check it, i just hit my four month mark say what? Its crazy how fast things really go. My trainer goes home in 6 weeks and hes already packing so im just like, what the heck this is crazy!
So this week has been very good to the Elders of Hyattsville. Weve been doing a lot of street contacting and checking on formers. So its kinda slow but i just keep going at it in hopes to find people. GQing has gotten a lot easier for me to do but its still hard. On Saturday we planned this sick booth. We (as a district) got a lot of movies and ensigns and we set up a booth outside the mall. Of course we have the best luck in the world and it started raining. But really it was so productive. We spent like a few hours just talking to everyone that came by. We just started sifting the flour and grading the cheese. We got about a page full of names that seem pretty accountable. There are some that just wanted the movies of Jesus but we will be going by this next week to see if they really wanna learn. But it was so much fun. We are gonna do it a lot more cuz it works so good. I had idea for finding people and everyone loved it. My idea is beat the 4 Gringos and get a free movie. Sick right?! We are gonna go play soccer one day and get all the hispanics to play. They cant turn down soccer or a chance to beat gringos. And we are actually pretty good. I play soccer twice a week. Once for mutual with the youth and then thursday nights with adults. The reason we play so much cuz its so easy to bring investigators to it. Last thursday we had 14 potentials go play. It was sweet. And i cant hold my own. I dont let no one push me around. haha. I just cant score yet...
Oh i cant remember if i said this or not but last week we went to the thrift store and i found a Barkley Jersey and a Kobe rookie jersey. How freakin dope right?
But other then that nothing has really happened. Weve just been working and workin and workin. Its pretty cool. Well take care everyone i love you so much thanks for all the love and prayers. Mucho Amor

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