Thursday, March 29, 2012

Okay. So things have been going very well. We've been working like crazy! Sadly we had to drop a lot of people cuz they were just being such cheese and wouldn't keep commitments.
We are like super close to dropping Cristina. And it kills me cuz i love her so much and i know she needs this! She just doesn't recognize the many blessings from keeping our commitments...
But we've been working a lot with a couple less active families and they are bomb! They are awesome and we have so much fun with them. We even got invited to a birthday party with there whole extended family. It was so much fun.
So things are going well. We've got baptism up for 2 weeks and I'm so excited. Shes awesome. Her name is Yenny and she 16. Really cool. We get a long great. We are actually teaching a lot of youth still and its awesome cuz we just have a lot of fun. My new comp is like really white and is from a small town in Utah so he like knows nothing of the ghetto or black talk. And its so funny. So Im teaching him to be hip. haha.
Some crazy stuff that happened is since its been so hott these giant fat bees have been flying around and we try to kill them as much as possible. One funny thing was a bee ran into my tire and got stucj and i ran it over. haha.
Then one night when we were going home there was a bottle smashed behind me and this car was driving really snow right next to me and a bunch of black kids were yelling and stuff. It scared the crap outta me but these was just messin.
But some3 cool stuff has happened as well. We got an urgent call from a member one day telling us he needed an emergency blessing. We go over and his friend is sitting on his bed and his face is thrashed! Cut, eyes blood shot, and full of stitches. Turns out he is a really less active member and he got jumped like 2 nights before. So i ended up giving the blessing. It was super cool. the Spirit was so strong and everyone was crying. So legit.
Then yesterday we went to the bottom of our area to check on a referral. We get there. They aren't interested so it was gay. They live so far away and we were tired. We were about to take the elevator but i felt like we shouldn't go. We started knocking doors in this apartment with zero luck. This black dude and his wife come up the elevator and at the end of the hall. so i was tired of being rejected and we went straight there. He answers the door and looked like angry and not interested. But i said we share a message about Jesus Christ. He was like, yeah that sounds really nice... It was sick! He let us in and we talked. Turns out hes from Africa. Just got here 6 months ago on a lottery Green card. Like a 1 in 10 million chance. He speaks french so we turned him over to the other missionaries. Hes so cool. Gonna get baptized for sure!
I Love you all so so much.! I'm so grateful for everything. Write me people! I wanna hear from you!
Te Quiero
Elder Julander

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