Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well it has been another great week here in Hyattsville.
Since my comp is unfamiliar with the area I'm pretty much Senior Companion. Its actually really fun cuz i get to decide where we go and who we visit. Its a lot of fun./ And we have seen so much success this week! We got 3 new investigators in 3 days. It was awesome. One girl we visited is super legit and we asked her to do the closing prayer and she started crying. The Spirit was so strong and it was just a good feeling. Makes everything worth it.
My Spanish has gotten better! Thank goodness! I have to focus really hard but i can understand well what people are saying to me. Its hard but if they speak slow i can get the jest. When everyone is speaking and yelling and laughing that's the hard part. haha. And i can some what speak okay. Still super broken...
The weather here is ridiculous! Its been so humid. I die on bike! I don't understand how people can live here when theres a thick wet vapor outside. Its terrible. I can grab it and form it into an air ball and then throw it at people; its that bad...
So today was really cool. We went to the Cherry Blossoms and it was supposed to be the peak day outta the whole year. It was actually really cool. Got some good pictures and what not. Hit up the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Very cool. Then we did something that was incredible. We went to the Holocaust Museum... It was unbelievable. So sad. Just amazing how it all went on and how you can see actually videos of the concentration camps and people being killed and disfigured its disgusting. And they have like actually trains that carried Jews and actually bunk beds from Auswitch. Then they have a room full of shoes from one day of killing. And you can actually smell the leather and the wood. Its crazy... Its so sad. But everyone needs to go there. Life changer. I got an ID card. his name is Lajos Nagy. He and his 3 month old son did not survive but his wife did. Its amazing. Touches your heart so good.
Love you all so much. thanks you really for everything! Write me please!

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