Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 months

Hey Check it everyone. Today is my 6th month mark! Is that crazy or what? I'm 1/4 done with my mission and i cant believe it. I don't even feel like Ive been gone that long but its true. This next conference will be my year mark. Time has flown!
So this week has been good. Its been actually really busy. I did 2 exchanges this week with other people in my district and it was so fun. Got to be in a car area for a day. I liked it a lot. But it was short lived and i came back to my bike... But my legs are pretty much like steel now, so its a blessing in disguise. haha.
One of the other Elders in my apartment got bit by a spider and got staff infection. It was so gross. His leg got like inflamed and stuff. He has to go to urgent care and stuff. It was just some crazy eventful weekend. Hes fine now though.
Conference was sick! Saturday was amazing cuz we went to go watch it at the VC with a lot of Elders and it was on a huge screen. Totally worth it. Then we went to Chipotle to eat. Came back had an hour to kill so we watched the movie Gods Plan in the VC. Its the best movie ever. Its so good. S powerful and slaps you with the Spirit. Definitely a tear jerker. Then we watched the second session and then went to go eat again then went to go watch Priesthood. That was the whole day! It was great. Got Spiritually fed and gotta relax. Super nice. Sunday was the same too. Watched it at the stake center though. I loved the talk by Elder Bednar when he just slapped everyone about home teaching. No one here does home teaching and its so sad because so many families go inactive because they feel the ward doesn't care about them. The people even count missionary visits as home teaching visits. Its so lame. Its something so simple that people cant seem to do. Just do it!
I also really liked Christofferson. Hes my favorite. Okay little side note. When they showed that picture of Bednar and his dad, please tell me you all saw Luke Skywalker. Bednar looked just like Luke Skywalker! So funny.
But things are going alright. We need to find more people. We had to drop Cristina cuz she wasnt keeping commitments. So freakin sad. I didn't want to but we had too. We are trying to find more people to teach its just hard.
Thanks so much for every ones love. You are all the best. I cant wait to hear from you all! Mucho Am

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