Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This week has been a long week for us. We dont have very many people in our teaching pool so weve been having like no plans all week. We just been checking on a ton of referals and potentials. And most of them are in the bottom of our area cuz we never go there cuz its so dang far! But weve just been workin and workin, grading so much cheese. Trying to find those that are ready to listen.
Some super cool stuff has happened though. Two less active families we have really been focusing on have been coming to church a lot and there 2 boys finally got the priesthood! So sick. and now we are really pushing for the temple. Like baptisms for the dead. It would help them a lot.
Weve been eating a ton this week. So many members have been having us over and what not. Mainly cuz ive been telling the kids to tell their parents to invite us over. haha. Its great! They love feeding us and i love to eat. I can eat so much now. My stomach can really exspand! At times it looks like im having a baby a long with my sisters...
The ward is doing so good. I love it a lot. I can really see they care about the missionaries. We have finally started playing soccer again on thursday nights and its outside! Way fun. Some people are good and they do work!
Last night our district actually sang at the VC. It was a really cool experience and a lot of fun. It was night of music and inspiration for Spanish. We did pretty good. That was the week. Not too much has happened. Sorry its not more exciting. haha
Things are going great for me though. Im stilll loving it. A lady in the ward called me out on my Spanish... Said I need to work more on it so that i can have better lessons. haha. Total slap to the face. But i really like her a lot. Shes awesome and i can really see her love for me, like a mom, so its helped me a lot.
Please write me people! I miss you and i wanna hear from you! They help me get though those long days. :)
Love you. Mucho amor.

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