Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So this week has been a pretty fast week!
We had an awesome zone conference on Thursday. it was a lot of fun. But they told us that we will soon be running into problems with people because Maryland unfortunately passed a law making same sex marriage legal... So ridiculous. Played soccer that night super fun. I played goalie. It was really hard and i got a lotta cuts from diving and stuff but it was so much fun.
Then Friday was like an ugly day. We went over to this house early in the morning for some service and we ended up staying like all morning and early afternoon... It was all yard work and my lower back got shafted and it hurt all the rest of the day so we couldn't do much. Totally stunk. But its doing a lot better now. We had some bomb Pupusas that night so it ended well. We ran into a drunk guy he was super funny. He said he was half Native American but he was totally black and he was twisting my words around cuz he asked us for money to buy some ciggs for him. He got really mad when i told him it was bad for him but he said it was his religion and i hate all other religions... He got frustrated and was like :"So tell me where was the old world back in the day" I said Europe. He said "Correct! And where was the lost world?" I said here in the Americas. He said: "Correct again. and like the lost world... Im lost" Then he walked off. I was trying so hard to not laugh and then he turns around again and yells at me: "And i have homework tonight. If i don't turn it in by 12 ima get an F!" Then that was the turning point. I laughed so hard and he just walked away. So random.
But nothing really else happened this week. Just tried to find more people like crazy! One missionary was sick yesterday and hes training a new missionary so i volunteered to stay back with him. It was okay. I just studied Spanish all day while he slept! I'm gonna be fluent sooner then later.
Sorry these keep getting shorter and shorter. I miss yall. The church is so true.

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