Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Doldrums

Hello everyone! This week has been awesome!
I got a new companion and he is dope. We get along super good and we are killing it! We are out of the Doldrums.
We have been working so hard and are trying to find people to teach and its paying off! We got 5 new investigators this week! Chica chica yeah! We've been workin like crazy and it is getting hot. The humidity is just disgusting i don't get how people live in it. haha. But we have a lot of fun on bike.
   The ward is still the best and I'm so happy to stay here for one more transfer. We've been getting fed a lot and are even getting the ward members to do missionary work! "Missionaries are full time teachers, Members are full time finders" - David A. Bednar 'Ask In Faith'
   This transfer we got a new DL and he is doing great! He really got this district excited about working. We all have the fire to baptize. We are a band of brothers in this war with "The World". Our numbers may seem few but if we can get the veil lifted from our eyes we will see there are more with us then there are with them.
   Thanks everyone for the love! This last week was a little shot but now its back to where it should be. 
Much Love
PS go to the Visitor Center and watch the movie Gods Plan! It will bring tears. Got such a strong Spirit.

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